About Us

Hambro Perks was founded in 2013 by Rupert Hambro CBE and Dominic Perks as a boutique incubator of fast growth companies, with the aim of backing great people and helping them to shape ideas, build their businesses and get to market. Today Hambro Perks consists of a team of thirty professionals helping exceptionally talented founding teams build world-changing companies. Hambro Perks currently supports a portfolio of more than thirty companies, a group consisting of a mix of businesses conceptualised, founded and incubated in-house, and others introduced to us through our broad network.

Our philosophy

Hambro Perks is a company builder, looking for and actively supporting great founders and companies with exciting and innovative ideas that with our help can realise their potential. Usually these will be capital-light companies that apply technology to an opportunity and have the ability to scale fast and across borders. We work closely with founders helping them and their management teams develop the skill-sets needed to scale their businesses. We also provide support through the provision of business infrastructure, whether that be with space in our office building or expert help with marketing, consumer insights, strategy, legal and accounting issues, or fundraising activities.

Our deep, longstanding relationships with contacts overseas mean we have successfully helped many of our portfolio companies to scale internationally, becoming category leaders across many different sectors. As part of the services provided to small companies we have also invested proprietary, early stage capital where that is assessed to be a need of the business. Companies that we have supported have gone on to achieve significant gains in value.

Our focus

While helping great entrepreneurs build companies across a broad range of sectors, we have particular interest in education, insurance, healthcare technology (EdTech, InsurTech and HealthTech) and digital media. We see enormous potential in these industries, where the UK operates at the cutting edge of innovation, and have built (or are building) dedicated accelerators to help attract talent. Our network within these segments is highly attractive to entrepreneurs, who recognise its value in terms of helping them build their companies and this, in turn, increases the breadth and quality of opportunities presented to us. While we also see the general flow of ventures looking for investment across the UK (we screen, meet and assess roughly a thousand companies each year), the fact that we co-found and incubate businesses provides us with an additional source of opportunities. In these cases, the founders and their businesses are known exceptionally well to us, and this knowledge improves our ability to assess the risk profile and judge the needs of the business at each company’s particular stage of development. In addition, one of our overriding beliefs is that technology-enabled companies are under-represented in the UK’s public markets; often this is because founders sell too early, but also there has historically been an “equity gap” in the market for supporting innovative ideas at an early stage. Part of our mission is to help address this issue.

Hambro Perks Limited is pleased to co-invest alongside the Hambro Perks Growth EIS Fund.

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